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A Memory of Dr. Pearl
We received this short email from Mrs. Roman about her memories of Dr. Pearl.  While I didn't know Dr. Pearl, I thought he would be happy to be remembered as someone who truly cared about people, and they appreciated that enough to remember him for all these years.
It has been many years since I lived in the Long Beach / Island Park area.
But this site, which one of my sons came across, is giving me the opportunity to tell of an incident which I have never forgotten.

When the polio vaccine was first used in the 1950's, the shots had to be given in a series.
Dr. Pearl gave my 4 children their first shots. When they were due for the next ones, he mailed a reminder.

I was raising my children alone on a very limited income and could not afford to bring them back. On the other hand , I didn't want him to think that I was being neglectful, so I wrote and explained that I was not able to afford the visit at that time.  In no time at all, he sent a letter, telling me that it was very important that my children receive the follow up vaccine...and to please bring them back immediately, at no charge!. Which I did..gratefully.

A day or two later, I was shocked to learn that he died.  I knew nothing about his family.  But if any of his children or grandchildren are still in Long Beach, I would like them to know of this act of kindness.  One of the last he performed and which 50 years later, still stays with me.
I will never forget him.
Thank you.                                                                    Mrs. D. Roman
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A Memory of Dr. Pearl