Long Beach, New York

The "Lookout" Tower and other Photos from the 50's
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These photos were graciously provided from the vast collection of
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Tydings and family. 
Thank you very much for sharing these great shots!
This is the old Fire Control Tower that stood near the rides between Edwards and Riverside Blvds.  It was mistakenly called a submarine lookout tower by almost everyone in LB when it was standing.  Actually, it was used to spot enemy surface ships which might endanger NY Harbor or our coast.  Coordinates were called in to Battery Harris, at Fort Tilden (now a part of Gateway Park) and using these coordinates, in addition to those of other spotting stations, the 16 inch guns at Tilden would be brought to bear on the intruders.  A radar station was also part of the facility when it was in use during World War II.  Another tower stood in Atlantic Beach and several others along the nearby NY and NJ coasts.  They were fairly common around the entrances to major US harbors.  Several still remain standing along the coast in Delaware.
The amusement park at Edwards Blvd sometime during the 50's. 
The fire control tower is visible on the left.
The Long Beach Lifeguard Patrol headquarters on National Blvd in the 50's.
The Minrose Bldg at Park Ave and Park Place
Billboard for the Orphan's Day Parade.
August 12th, 1947
The Orphan's Day Parade.
Notice the old Jahn's Ice Cream Parlour in the background.
(Just east of Laurelton Blvd
on the north side of Park Ave)
The Orphan's Day Parade.
south side of Park Ave between National and Edwards Blvd's
These are
Long Beach Memorial Hospital's
Pink Ladies.

Also visible:
Larry Richards Men's Clothing
Man-Low Photo Studio
Tiny Tot Children's Wear
McLellan's 5 & 10 Cent Store
Looking East down Park Ave at the train station (bldg with the Western Union sign) and Minrose Bldg during the parade.
Thanks again to Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S.
Tydings and family for providing this look back into Long Beach's deep history.
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