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The Magnolia Baths
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The Long Beach Hotel chimney
I left this photo large so you can see the scale of this massive chimney.  Look at the size of it compared to the men standing next to it.  This is all that was left after the Long Beach Hotel burned to the sand on July 29, 1907.  This was the hotel that put Long Beach on the map, catering to well to do vacationers from 1880 until it's demise on this day in 1907. It stood in the general vicinity of Riverside Blvd. with it's 22 separate cottages stretching along the beach to the east.  The bricks from the chimney were later used in the construction of The Casino on Long Beach Blvd.  (also carried the name Tom Healy's).. it too burned to the ground around 1920, perhaps the bricks were bad luck !
Bath House
This is what the inside of one of the many bath houses in Long Beach looked like.  I'm unsure of exactly which this is, possibly the National Bathing Pavillion on the boardwalk between National and Magnolia Blvds.  Circa 1910
Riverside Blvd
Looking west from Riverside Blvd, probably in the late 30's.
"Long Beach Cottage"
One of the original "cottages" of Long Beach in the classic stucco and spanish tile roof design.
The National Bathing Pavillion
Lining up outside the National Bathing Pavillion (between National and Magnolia Blvds) in 1913
City Hall
The old city hall sitting in front of the new building, which  is under construction behind it. Roll your mouse over it to see the new building about 1960.
Old Fire Headquarters
This is the old Fire Headquarters which sat behind the original City Hall.  This photo taken in 1959.
courtesy of Gordon Hemsley
Fire Headquarters
Another shot of the old Fire Headquarters.
courtesy of Gordon Hemsley
The Lion Drug Company store next to the firehouse.
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Ellen Sherin sent in this rare photo of the Queenswater Hotel... this is apparently after the Queenswater complex became part of the mainlaind. Reynolds dredged the channel and filled in the marshy areas to extend the land in Long Beach. The Queenswater and its outbuildings became part of Long Beach proper.
The Doremus Restaurant, which once stood next to the pier at Magnolia Blvd and Reynold's Channel.  For some history on it please click here.
photo and documentation courtesy of Joan Doremus Biedrzycki
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Custards Last Stand was on the East side of Long Beach Blvd. between Hudson and Fulton Streets. It was owned by the Fleishman's (Morris, Norman and Stanley). It had a gold fish pond on the north side. They tore it down when the Flieshman's built their Ford dealership and repair shop on that property, today there is a TD Bank on that property.
The photo above and below were taken during the new (current) bridge construction in 1956.  You can see the location of Custard's Last Stand and other businesses in these views.
Here is a rare photo of The Strand Hotel located at 24 East Park Avenue, taken around 1923. It was built, owned and operated by Lauritz and Emile Sondergaard. A full dinner could be had for the grand price of $1.00. Aahhh, those were the days!

Thanks to Don Sondergaard for this wonderful shot.