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The Boardwalk and Hotel Nassau
Long Beach New York
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Looking north on National Blvd
Looking north on National Blvd from the roof of the Hotel Nassau.  The City Hall clock tower is visible in the distance. This is in the 1920's.
Hotel Nassau 1911
Right and below: Some well dressed folks outside the Hotel Nassau in 1911.  You're looking from the boardwalk at the SE corner of the hotel. The boardwalk ramp on National is visible on the right.
Alabama Ave. Fire House
I posted this photo on one of the Fire Dept pages, but put it here again in case you didn't see it.  This is a very rare photo of the Alabama Street firehouse in the West End when it was open.  This is believed to be around 1930.  The firehouse was built about 1922 and the building still stands there today as a store.  You are looking East down Beech St from about Wyoming Ave. The full size watch tower is shown on the building here, it has since been cut down to a much lower height, but can still be seen on the roof today. The fire station is directly under it and you can see the garage doors are open facing Beech Street. The trolley tracks are still shown running down the center of the street.

Thanks to Lowell Taubman
and the
Long Beach Historical Society
for this fantastic photograph!
Hotel Nassau
Castles by the Sea
The entrance (on boardwalk) to the Castles by the Sea dance theatre.  circa 1918
At left is is one of the original "Estates of Long Beach cottages." .  This building later became the Pickwick Tea House shown at right.  It was located at 105 Jackson (Edwards) Blvd, NW corner of Edwards and Broadway.  It is believed to have burned down, as the lot has been vacant for many years.  Left photo circa 1920.
LB Bridge
A million bucks
to build the LB Bridge in 1922! 
What would it cost in today's dollars ?
Granada Drugs and Park Ave
Granada Drug Store and West Park Ave, looking East from National Blvd.  circa late 1920's
On The Beach
A hand colored photo of the beach taken from National Blvd looking East.  The Castles By the Sea on the left with the sign atop it's roof.
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Point Lookout 1915
This photo is captioned Point Lookout, LI, postmarked 1915. But something is wrong here.. Until recently, the USCG listed the first station in Point Lookout as an "1872 Red House" structure, which is shown on page 7 of this site.  This is an "1849" design, identical to what was originally built in Long Beach in 1849. I just checked the USCG historians site, and they now list this 1849 style station as the first one in Point Lookout, constructed in 1872.  It was, according to them, heavily modified in 1887.  Either this is a pre-1887 photo of Point Lookout, or it may be possible that this is an early photo of the Long Beach Station, improperly captioned as Point Lookout.  What makes all of this strange is that this postcard image was postmarked in 1915, 28 years after this station would have gotten a renovation and appeared much differently!
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Believed to be Commissioner Sweeney in the top hat.  To his right, dressed as a police officer,  is a young Ed Steffen Jr, a few years later one of Long Beach's lifeguards, but 5 years old in this photo!  The expansion of Central School is under way on the right side of the street.  The phone company building is visible on the left of the street.  This was the summer of 1928.

Photo courtesy of Ed Steffen Jr.

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