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Photo Directories
Here is a photo of Fire Commissioner Charles F. Lynch Jr,, second from left with UFA  Member Robert Cohn, far right, and two unidentified gentlemen, with City Manager Foster Vogel, seated at desk.

Courtesy of Ted and Vera O'Dowd's Collection.
This photograph appears to be the beginning of the Fire Department's Fire Police Company sometime in the late 1960's, taken in fromt of City Hall.

Members shown are in the front row: Chief Jerry Lamagna, John Frost, Deputy Fire Commissioner Arnold Oshrin, Chief Ed Van Wagenen, Deputy Fire Commissioner Marty Held, City Manager Foster Vogel, Fire Commissioner Charles F. Lynch Jr., unidentified, unidentified and Chief Ely Altarac.

Rear: Moe Altarac, unidentified, Irving Hahn, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified and Jay Weiss.

Courtesy of Ted and Vera O'Dowd's Collection.
Here are UFA Members Robert Cohn, Wilbur Sykes, Fire Commissioner Charles Lynch Jr., City Manager Foster Vogel and an unidentified Chief from outside Long Beach. It is believed he was affiliated with the NYS Professional Firefighter's Association.

Courtesy of Ted and Vera O'Dowd's Collection.
Another UFA Photo showing Wilbur Sykes, Brud Donnelly, Charlie Lynch, Foster Vogel and Emil Sondergaard. The gentleman on the left is unidentified.

Courtesy of Ted and Vera O'Dowd's Collection.
UFA Members Brud Donnelly, Wilbur Sykes, unidentified, Bob Cohn, Foster Vogel, Charlie Lynch and Sam Vukas.

Courtesy of Ted and Vera O'Dowd's Collection.
Here we have the Fire Department's Annual Inspection sometime around 1967 or 1968: On the truck are Chief Ely Altarac and City Manager Foster Vogel. Standing left to right: Deputy Chief Moe Bodenstein (UFA), Fire Commissioner Charlie Lynch, Deputy Commissioner Marty Held, Chief Jerry Lamagna, Captain of Snorkel Jack Kleiner and Chief Ronnie Miterko.

Courtesy of Ted and Vera O'Dowd's Collection.
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Here are some photos provided by Ted and Vera O'Dowd's Collection, taken during Charlie Lynch's administration as Fire Commissioner.

We thank you Ted and Vera O'Dowd.
Memorial Day Parade 1959
This truck has been restored and is still used in parades to this day.