I included this one because there are a number of firemen that appear in it.  Photo From John Caracciolo (family photo)
2nd from left Carmen Caracciolo   3rd from left Sam Caracciolo  
4th from left Ema Cardnelli   5th Frank Cardnelli  
1st Arthur Brant   5th Bob Cohen   7th Barbara Cohen   9th Manny Ligouri
12th Jerry Burke   13th Joe De Rosa

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Long Beach Fire Dept., 1928
Ed Steffen Jr. provided this fantastic photo of Long Beach's career firemen in the year 1928!  It was taken in front of the Center St. firehouse (see below right). Ed's father is 2nd row, 4th from the left.  The names of the rest were provided by Ed Jr. and Tommy Mulligan. Thanks guys!

Here are the names of the firefighters in the above photo left to right:

Ted Pikey, Bill Donnelly, Joe Giglio, Clarence MacDonald, Stretch Sondergaard, Jerry Burke, Ed Steffen, Peter Chiovitt, Art Donnelly, Robert Cohn, Arthur Brant, Bill Melia, Jimmy Golden and Frank Cardinale, Sr.

Front row, far right is George L Maier Sr, the Volunteer Fire Chief.

If anyone can provide the names of the other gentlemen in the front row please email me  Thanks so much Ed!

Fireman Ed Steffen
Ed Steffen Sr. standing in the bay door of the Alabama Ave firehouse !  The right hand drive 1922 American LaFrance is behind him.  In the larger photo he sent me, I think I can read the date "May 1933" on the poster to his right, which advertises a dance.  Below that one is an advertising poster for the Laurel movies !

Ed sent me this note with the photo: "that's Dad and his La France, right hand drive hose wagon. (no windshield during the winter made men out of boys...
Lots of memories from association with Alabama St firehouse.  We kids loved to slide down the brass pole from upstairs...this was a "perk" being a firemen's son. During the depression era I recall my Dad's comments at the end of summer saying that they would be having a lot of "insurance" fires to cover for another bad summer season."

Photo courtesy of Ed Steffen Jr.
More to come !!!
This photo is dated 1931 and shows the 1922 LaFrance hose wagon.  The lettering on the hood is visible in a larger version of this photo and reads "Long Beach Fire Dept. No. 2". 
Photo courtesy of Ed Steffen Jr.
Firehouse on Center St.
The photo above was taken in front of the bay doors at this firehouse, the original one behind city hall.
This page is dedicated to the memory of Ex -Chief Jerry Lamagna, who made numerous contributions to the Long Beach Fire Department.  Jerry passed away on February 18, 2002.
Early LBFD
The year of this photo was not relayed to me, but it must be the early 20's.  Ed Steffen Jr. provided this information on the photo:
"This was taken on the stoop of the South Evangelican Church, but God only knows where that was or is.  In the upper right hand corner is my Dad ( Ed Steffen Sr.) and in the next row one step down is Arthur Brandt...while some of the faces are familiar I think Bill Donnelly is the one with the brush mustache."  John Melia is in the second row, second one from the left. In the front row, second from the right is George L Maier Sr
Ely Altarac added this info:  The man who looks like the Chief in the front row center is Otto Trumm, In the back row 4th from right is Hymen Held (possibly a Lt.) .  These men were volunteers so it is possible this photo was taken before paid firefighters were hired, or this may be a mix of paid and volunteer.
Photo courtesy of Ed Steffen Jr.
Kerrigan St
Working fire on Kerrigan Street sometime in the mid 70's.
Photo by Nancy Kavazanjian
Outside Fire Headquarters
Outside Fire Headquarters at City Hall.

The exact year was not known, but would have to be sometime between 1928 and 1930, as many of the faces in this photo are the same as those in dated photos above.

Courtesy of Ed Steffen Jr.
UFA Dinner
The banner reads " Uniformed Firefighters Association 1929-1949, UFA Local 287 Long Beach New York".
Courtesy of Ed Steffen Jr.
Howie Hemsley
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Howie Hemsley, former Captain of Ladder 62, without whose assistance many of the photos on this site would not have been identified... Thanks Brother!
Some of the identities are as follows:
from L- seated- #3 Joe Carlino, #4 Councilman Frank Callahan, #6 Bob Cohn, #7 Judge Hanower, #8 Phil Kohut
           standing L front- Frank Cardinale Sr., #4 standing Joe's dad; standing man with mustache was Dr ? he was a physician who later became a psychiatrist;  standing under the small "F",uniformed member with mustache is Moe Bodenstein.
UFA 1965
UFA 1965 , L-R John Dotsey, Tom Mulligan, Joe Abramson, Capt. Tom Mooore, Sam Vukas and Joe Giglio
Courtesy of Tom Mulligan
UFA 1966
UFA Local 287, Memorial Day, 1966

Courtesy of Tom Mulligan
UFA 1969
UFA Local 287, 1969
L-R Chief Moe Bodenstein, Capt. Tom Mooore, Tom Mulligan, Don Segura, Leo Weiss, Emil Sondergaard and Frank Meyers
Courtesy of Tom Mulligan
Top Row Left To Right
Tom Mulligan, Leonard Weiss, Ed McArdle, Jim Baratta, Emil Sondergaard.
Second Row  (Starts in front of Tom Mulligan)
Charlie Cunningham, Sal DeMarki, Wally Hornung, Frank Myers, Donald Segura, Joseph DeRosa.
Third Row
Sam Vukas, Joe Conway, Howie Wood, Pete Chevoit, Lt Brud Donnelly, Bob Cohn, Lt Al Ligouri, John Caracciolo, Frank Doris, Stan Samuels, Wilbur Sykes, Joel Abramson, Joe Giglio.
Front Row
Capt Tom Moore, Fire Commissioner Charles Lynch, City Manager Foster Vogel, Capt Moe Bodenstein, Deputy Commissioner Marty Held, Lt Morty Golden.

Probies !
Check out this happy group of probies!  If the city only knew what they were in for...

Photo courtesy of John Caracciolo
Whelan Drug Store
Whelan's Drug Store, which was just west of Edwards Blvd.  This probably in the early 1960's.  It appers the Ladder Truck may be 2361, a 1947 American LaFrance
LBFD 1961
The photo on the right was taken at an apartment fire in 1961.  On the left is Tony Marciano and on the right is Brian Sullivan.  Ely Altarac relayed to me that his memories of Brian all center around te fact that he used to post his badge number, # 443, all over the place, like in the movie Turk 182 !! (he had written it on this photo when he sent it to me, so some things never change !!)
photo courtesy of Brian Sullivan
This note came from former Commissioner Herb Goldstein regarding Moe Bodenstein, for many years commanding officer of the paid full-time firefighters:

Moe was an old dear friend and exceptionally dedicated to the department over a long period of many years. He was devoted to his men, and to my recollection asked for only one personal honor; he wanted recognition as an Honorary Deputy Chief. It was my privilege as commissioner to grant that request to him not only as a well-deserved honor, but as a recognition of the loyal and professionally dedicated service of the entire paid department he commanded.

Herb Goldstein
Long Beach Fire Department
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Photo Directories
Here is a rare photo from around 1950 or 1951 showing some of Long Beach's paid firemen, from left:

Harold 'Stretch' Sondergaard, Manny Liguori, LB City Councilman James Segriff flanked by two bathing beauties, Sam Vukas, George Butler (up on the firetruck) and Jerry Burke.

Donald Sondergaard, Stretch's son, donated this photo. A real gem. Thanks Don.