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Some more fishing photos from the waters around Long Beach!
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Oooops !!! The JI Buoy seems to be a little bit off station here !!!  This is around April of 1993 at Roosevelt Blvd.  This buoy should be about 1/2 mile south of Jones Inlet.. it broke loose in a storm.. each time a wave hit it, the horn would sound, waking up everyone on Shore Rd !!  The Coast Guard came and retrieved it the following day..
Photo by Eddie Perry
A very happy Tara Perry with her first Bluefish in October of 1997 !!! A nice 12 lb. chopper !!
photo by Eddie Perry
Here's Tara P. a year later, on August 22, 1998, with her first 79 lb Mako... at the time, she only weighed 65 lbs herself !!
photo by Eddie Perry
Bill Stanske
Long Beach resident Bill Stanske with 148 lb Mako caught out of Montauk, NY in June of 1996.
photo by Eddie Perry
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Here's a 47 inch long Mahi Mahi caught on Long Beach Charter boat PENGUIN on 9/16/01 south of Long Beach.
photo by Eddie Perry
A nice 47 inch Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) caught offshore from Long Beach.
photo by Eddie Perry
Running for home at the end of the day.
photo by Eddie Perry
370 lb Mako
A 370 lb. Mako shark caught by Eddie Perry offshore from Long Beach on 10-18-01   
photo submitted by Eddie
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Sea Bass
Tara Perry with a couple of fat sea bass.
photo by Eddie Perry
Striped Bass
John Caracciolo sent in this photo of his wife Rita getting a little too friendly with this 32 lb striped bass she reeled in at the Atlantic Beach Bridge on 10/6/75.  Check out that classic boat too!
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