Jerry Schwarzman and Joe Archer
Carol Wolfe, Unidentified, Sam Schwarzman and Lil Sinetar standing
Seated L to R Unidentified, Sam Schwarzman and Red Wiemokely.
Lil Sinetar and Jerry Schwarzman Standing

L to R Red Wiemokely, Marie Ritigliano, Joe Archer and Sandy Tilson

Long Beach, New York
Ft. Lauderdale Reunion
Every January a Long Beach Reunion takes place
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Here are a few photos taken in 2005.

Ft. Lauderdale Reunion
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Photo Directories
Amy Speilman and Judy Bershanti
Barbara, Maxine, Grace and Karin.
Ina Goldstein and Barbara Tucker
Bobby Popkin, Roddy Richman and Mike Liss
Gale, Jane, Liz Rosenberg, Karin Liss and Barbara Tucker
Gale, Liz Rosenberg and Karin Liss
The festivities continued...
Grace, Maxine, Barbara and Sheri
Ina Goldstein and Jane Adler
Ina Goldstein, Barbara Tucker and Karin Liss
Jane, Liz, Gale and Barbara
Jay and Roni Bernstein, Amy Speilman, Judy and Billy Bershanti and Ruthie.
Linda Silverman, Barry Schwartz and Jane Rosenberg.
Louie Quinto and Cal Tax
The Gang at the Ft Lauderdale Reunion
Karin Liss with Mark and Shari Laufer
Bob Gersten with his wife Libby.
Mike Liss and Judy Marcus
Mark Laufer