Fort Lauderdale Florida
Every year the Long Beach Lions Club holds a Long Beach Day in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

This year's Ft. Lauderdale Reunion was held on Sunday January 21, 2007. We have received a few pictures and display them here.
Long Beach, New York
Photo Directories
Judy Scher, Louise Mazzella and Carol Wolffe
Joel Levine, Norma Walter, Alan Katz, Ellen Schlissel, Sandy Tilson
and Peggy Russell
Irwin Knohl, Ellen Schlissel, Norma Walter, Judy Scher, Sandy Tilson,
Peggy Russell and Marie Rutigliano
Phil Karp, Irwin Knohl and Bobby Adler
Jerry and Sam Schwarzman  Joan Jakofsky and Louise Mazzella
Bob Carroll and Marie Rutigliano (travelled farthest)
Louise Mazzella, Vivian Fener and Marie Rutigliano
Louise Mazzella and Connie Gioia
The following eight photos of the Ft. Lauderdale Florida Reunion were submitted by Marie Nugent, who we thank for her generosity and patience.