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Photo by Robin Stein
Zenta and Tina
Zenta and Tina somewhere in Long Beach's West End, 1930.

Photo submitted by Ann Marie Reilly
Zenta and her son Ernest, 1954 at the NE corner of Lafayette and Penn St...

(Location solved by Howie Hemsley and Sam Schwarzman. That's the President Hotel in the far background,clearly visible on a larger photo.)
Photo submitted by Ann Marie Reilly
The photo at left is looking west on Broadway at the Hotel Nassau from Jackson Blvd. (now Edwards)  circa 1915.  The one at right is looking east from the Hotel Nassau at National Blvd.  The striped sign in the photo, just beyond the short building, which was the LB Town Offices, advertises " Long Beach Dramatic Stock Co. Playing Now" , probably in the pavillion.
photos courtesy of Diana Levine - click here to see her other great images listed on ebay
boardwalk, 1960
Looking west down the boardwalk in 1960.
photo courtesy of Ann Marie Reilly
LB Yacht Club
The Long Beach Yacht Club, probably in the early 20's. Exact location of this building not confirmed. The Brooklyn Rowing and Yacht Club, which was later called the LB Yacht Club was on Monroe and the bay. But it was a frame building looking much different than this...This structure may have been been on West Bay Drive.  Can anyone confirm for sure ??
National Blvd
A nice shot looking up National Blvd from the boardwalk. The first car on the left I believe is a Packard, with a chauffeur no less !!  This photo circa 1910 (prior to the bridge opening in 1922 all these cars came by ferry or possibly crossed the narrow wooden bridge across the bay !)
Chief Grossman
July 27, 1932. Suspended Police Chief Maurice Grossman (R) confers with his attorney, George Levy, on being re-instated.  Chief Grossman accused then Mayor Frank Frankel of re-opening boardwalk gambling casinos after they had been shut down by police. According to Grossman, many of the gambling establishments were on Mayor Frankel's properties!
The Casino
The Casino, Long Beach Blvd (east side) and the boardwalk.  This was the first structure built by Mayor Reynolds. He used the bricks from the chimney of the Long Beach Hotel after the fire in 1907 in this building !  It was also called Tom Healy's later ( he also had a restaurant at 60th and 5th in the city)  This structure burned down very early, probably in the mid 20's.
documentation by Roberta Fiorre, LB Historical Society
368 E. Chester
368 E. Chester Street, in a postcard probably made for the owners, listed as Mr and Mrs John J. Haggerty. year unknown, maybe the 40's.
Water Towers
Rail Road Trestle
The railroad trestle and water towers as they appear today ( 5/2001). Where the low, squat blue tank is was where the Bay View Hotel was once located.. seen in the photo, below left.
phot by Sam Schwarzman
The Cracker Jack
This is about 1955.. The vessel is the Cracker Jack.. Just over it's stern (back) is a white, two story building... that's the old Bay View Hotel.

Photo by Bob Foster
An early 1920's shot of the Rail Road station. Notice the brick streets!
St. Mary's and Park St.
You're looking east from Lincoln Blvd on Park St, about 1958.  Notice St. Mary's on the left, before it burned. On the right down the street is the former Daitch Shopwell on Park and Monroe... (Now occupied by a Health Spa) Notice the concrete lite pole left of the 25 MPH sign !
photo by Sam Schwarzman
Wyoming Ave
Looking north on Wyoming Ave from the beach in Long Beach's West End .

Photo by John Siscaretti
The two photos above are of the old US Life Saving Stations which were built in LB.  The top photo is the original station design that was constructed in 1849.. It was designated Station # 30 in that year and was one of the original 8 USLSS sites on Long Island.  It was nothing more than a boat shed, with a life boat, mortar for firng a line, breeches buoy and other appliances of the day which could be used to assist stranded ships. No keeper or crew was assigned in 1849, rather, the local fishermen and residents were to use the equipment to the best of their ability.  The station was located Northeast of the Lincoln Blvd/ Shore Rd area, just West of what was then Luce's Inlet . In 1871, the station was rebuilt and a "Red House" style structure was built (bottom photo), staffed with a full crew during the season and a full time Keeper.  It was later designated as Station # 32 when the districts were re-aligned..  The 1871 station did not have the wings on the left and right sides, these were added in 1887.  In 1888 the station site was abandoned (possibly due to a severe storm, though this is not confirmed) A new site was acquired near Lindell Blvd and W. Beech St.  The 1871 Red House was most probably moved to this site. The 1849 photo above is actually of the Eaton Neck Station, and the one below it of the Point Lookout Station.. They were identical to the LB structures.. No clear photos of the LB stations could be found.
From the Azore's roof
Taken from the roof of the former Azore's Hotel on Pacific Blvd (5/2001), overlooking the former Bel Lido Apts. The pool used to sit in the parking lot where the blue van is parked ! The Executive Towers is in the background.

Photo by Sam Schwarzman
Pacific Beach
The beach at Pacific Blvd.  5/2001
photo by Sam Schwarzman
Carrol Tompkins
Carroll Tomkins, riding his horse somewhere in the West End it is believed. probably the 1920's.
photo by Jackie Dominowicz
1871 Red House / Point Lookout
1849 US Life Saving Station
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Riding Academy
From the old Riding Academy.
courtesy Lowell Taubman
The Granada
The Granada Hotel in 1983, one of the recognized historic landmarks in Long Beach.  This building still stands, restored and renovated at the SE corner of Riverside and Park Ave.
photo by Laura Murphy
East School
East School, this in 1983.
photo by Laura Murphy
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