The Long Beach Stadium
On State and Harrison Streets
Riverside and Long Beach Blvd's
Just west of the LB Bridge
This is an original program from the Long Beach Stadium!
Sam Schwarzman provided these details about the Stadium:

There was a stadium on the East end of the block that had the old incinerator on it. It was between State Street and Harrison Street with the entrance on Harrison. The owner was Bill Priestly, I remember him and his son, they didn't live in Long Beach. The premise manager was a guy by the name of Rocky Viglia (sp). Rocky lived on one of the canal streets (I can't remember which one). Rocky owned 3 Irish Setters. Rocky had a broken nose, I think he was a retired boxer. They ran several different programs, boxing and wrestling. They even had opera shows near the end of the stadiums career. As kids, we would help clean up after the fights, paint things, be ring boys (holding up the round cards) etc. Our pay was free admission! There was one room that we were not allowed to go into, as it turned out, they were running a bookie joint from that room and they did get busted for it. Some of the wrestlers were: Argentine Antinino Rocca, Gene Stanley, Primo Carnara, The Golden Superman and many more. Primo Carnara was a former boxing champion, he was a huge guy. We got to spend time with most of them, they were great to us. The local people ran parking concessions in the vacant lots. I don't know what it was but hot dogs and a soda tasted so much better in the stadium on fight nights. Real great memories! I can never forget that silver paint, we used it on everything! My sister was the first Majorette to twirl with fire in LBHS, she used to practice in front of the stadium while it was closed, I think she may have a photo, I'll have to ask her. We lived on the next block, Pine Street.
Sam Schwarzman


Long Beach, New York

The Long Beach Stadium
The Long Beach Stadium
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We were able to obtain a record of the fights held at the Long Beach Stadium, and from what we were able to cull from the website BOXREC, fights were held from Friday Night June 18th, 1927 until Friday Night, August 30th, 1951.

Here are the bouts for June 18th, 1927.

Long Beach Stadium, Long Beach, New York, USA

Joey Eulo 11   8   5D    Lew Goldberg      14 26  9    PTS    6/6
George Cohen   1   0   0W   Joe McBride  1   2  0    PTS     6/6
Benny Tell10 12 10D    Danny Smith15   5  2    PTS    6/6
Johnny Kochansky   46  7   6W   Joe Souza   21 29 11    PTS     6/6
Romeo Vaughn 10  8   7W   Harry Brandon     11 23   7    PTS     6/6
Jackie Cohen     2  0   2W   Ed Bartell    DebutKO      5/6
Eddie Goldberg  Debut  W   Jack Mellon DebutKO      6/6

Here is the Website Page with the Long Beach Stadium bouts.

BoxRec is a website dedicated to providing updated records of professional boxers, both male and female.

We believe this may have been the original site of the Bayview Nursing Home on Waterford Road, next to the Island Park Beach.
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