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photo by Jessica Haegele  Sept 16 2001
Long Beach New York
Modern Times
Page 2
Photo by Jessica Haegele 
More recent photos of Long Beach, New York.
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A nice empty beach.
Photo by Diana Levine
Gino's Pizzeria
Gino's Pizza
photo by Glenn Sherman
The Rec Center
The Rec Center on Magnolia Blvd.  This taken in 1983.
photo by Laura Murphy
A band of pipers in the Labor Day Parade, 2001.
photo by Robin Stein
235 W Park Ave
Looking East down Park Ave. from the roof of 235 W. Park Ave.  This building used to be an umbrella factory, now it's condos!

Photo by Sam Schwarzman
Aircraft Carrier
This is no fishing boat... rather it's the aircraft carrier Washington, on station off Long Beach as a result of the tragic events on Sept. 11, 2001.
photo by Diana Levine
The Jetties.
photo by Laura Murphy
Local 287
Firefighters from LBFD (career), Local 287, marching in the Labor Day Parade 2001.
photo by Robin Stein
Neptune and Penn
photo by Glenn Sherman
Echo's, on Park Ave.
photo by Glenn Sherman
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Engine 2 (2342) in the Labor Day parade, affectionately known as the "Suicide Squad"
photo by Robin Stein
NY's Finest
A couple of NY's Finest on horseback, looking a little wet and chilly !!
photo by Robin Stein
Denis Perry taking a little cruise in Reynold's Channel.  The inset is Denis also, before his boating days !!  Thank your dad for that one Denis !!!
photos by Eddie Perry

Baby Den
September 11, 2001
This one's not quite so heart warming as the rest, but it is a part of Long Beach history.  The view across the bays on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center collapsed and ablaze.

Photo by Robin Stein
The Ice Arena
The Long Beach Ice Arena
photos by Greg Mandel
Ice Rink
Bait Machine
What ever happened to digging for worms by hand?

A bait machine at Magnolia Pier!
Photo by Greg Mandel
City Hall
City Hall, 2002
photo by Greg Mandel
Fishing Pier
Magnolia Pier
photo by Greg Mandel
LBPD patrol car
photo by Greg Mandel
O'Rourkes Hardware East
O'Rourkes Hardware in the East End.
photo by Greg Mandel
Magnolia and the Bay
Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach Blvd and Park St, looking West.
photo by Greg Mandel
Looking to the East from Magnolia and the Bay.
photo by Greg Mandel
LBFD Station 1
LBFD Station 1 at Maple Blvd.
Photo by Greg Mandel
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