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Seagulls, by Rich Mackney
Long Beach New York
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This page was last updated on: December 21, 2015
Photo by Richard Mackney
Another nice sunset over Reynold's Channel.
photo by Barrie Soloway

Getting wet.. it's what Long Beach is all about !!
photo by Barrie Soloway
We will never forget..........
A long telephoto lens, a gorgeous sunset over the marshes to the west and tragically, a view which will no longer be enjoyed by future generations of Long Beach residents.......
photo by Barrie Soloway
Wyoming Ave looking East
Looking East from Wyoming Ave. March 2002
photo by Chuck Jacobi
St Ignatius
St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Church, Grand Blvd and Broadway, March 2002
photo by Chuck Jacobi
Laurelton Blvd
One of the old hotels at Laurelton Blvd and Broadway.  Not a very nice place today, but I suspect it will wind up with a renovation sometime in the near future. 3/2002
photo by Chuck J.
The original Vito's on the beach at New York Ave.  Many a slice I had from this place.. even delivered for him for a while ! I can't recall what this was named before Vito bought  it.. does anyone remember ??   3/2002
photo by Chuck J.
F.M O'Rourkes, 917 W Beech St.
The Beachurst
The old Beachhurst Hotel, once a nice smaller hotel but now fairly run down.. perhaps someone will bring this one back to it's former status.  3/2002
photo by Chuck J.
Hotel Jackson
Another classic, older hotel, this one the Jackson Hotel on Broadway at Lincoln Blvd.  As of June 2003 the Jackson is once again open for business to the public !!  It is the only operating hotel in Long Beach I know of.   I haven't visited the hotel yet to give you a reveiw of the accomodations, but you'll get no closer rooms than this to the beach, the Jackson is about 150 yds from the beach and boardwalk. Visit the Jackson's website at  jacksonbythebeach.com   and please mention you found them at this website.
This photo taken 3/2002 by Chuck J.
West End beach homes
What a nice, blue sky !! This really was a perfect, early spring day on the beach I had... These homes are along the beach around Wyoming Ave. in the West End. 3/2002
photo by Chuck J.
Roll your mouse over me !!!
Roll your mouse over this image.. I took it from exactly the same spot as a postcard view from about 1940. You will notice the first home in the foreground on this photo is the same one shown in the old postcard behind the house with the red roof !! (without the modern addition)   I took this standing on the end of the boardwalk on New York Ave facing west. 3/2002 and approx 1940 !
photo by Chuck J.
The beach doesn't get much whiter or flatter than this ! My wife Arlene, my youngest son Jeff and me.  3/2002
photo by the camera set on timer !!
photo by Rick Deutsch
photo by Rick Deutsch
photo by Rick Deutsch
These three great sunset shots were taken by Rick Deutsch.  I'm not sure what kind of filter he used, but I have to get one !!  Thanks Rick !
Wyoming Ave., 2002
Wyoming Ave, 2002
A couple of photos looking up Wyoming Ave. with a storm front overhead in 2002.
photos courtesy of John Siscaretti

Memorial Day, 2002
Memorial Day on Wyoming Ave. 2002
courtesy of John Siscaretti

We will never forget 9-11-01........the view from Lafayette and the bay on that tragic day.

Photo by Vinny Rossi
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