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Matchbooks from the Past !
No one thinks of the lowly matchbook cover as a piece of history, but they really are.  Matchbook covers still exist for places long gone, even from our memories.  That is until you see the matchbook and a whole flood of memories come back!  Here's a few we have come upon from Long Beach and close by places on Long Island.  See how many you remember.  These are in no particular order.   Enjoy!
Central Federal Savings and Loan occupied the NW corner of Park and National Blvd, next to the library.
The Delicacy Shop was on the corner of E. Park Ave and  Riverside Blvd on the north side of Park.  A strip shopping center, food store and parking lot now occupy that area.
El Patio in Atlantic Beach had some great drink specials many years ago!  The Sands Beach Club now occupies the building.
Gillam's Pub was on the SE corner of Nebraska and Beech St. in the West End
Deep Six was just over the LB Bridge in Island Park.
There were actually 2 Bohack's in Long Beach.  One was just east of Lafayette on the north side of Park, the other was just west of the old Lido Theater on the North side of park.
Granada Pharmacy, on the SE corner of National and Park, was a Long Beach establishment dating back to at least the early 30's.
Every kid (and adult alike) loved the trains at Hamburger Express.  Located on the north side of Park Ave. between Edwards and Riverside Blvds, the location is now a parking lot for a strip shopping center.
The Action House in Island Park. previously The Shell House, became a number of other establishments in later years including OBI West and Speaks, among others.  In the 60s, great bands, many of which became insanely famous, could be seen here for a just a few bucks.
We're not exactly sure where this bar was. Being West Park Ave, obviously west of Edwards.  It may have possibly occupied a space in what was the Park David Hotel on the north side of Park near Edwards Blvd.  Any information would be appreciated.
Lauder's in Pt. Lookout
The Lido Hotel was taken over and served the Navy during WWII.
Manero's was located at Ohio Ave. and W. Beech St. on the site of C-Town.
The Music Box was located in the old Jackson Hotel on the Southwest corner of W. Broadway and Edwards Blvd.
The Ocean Crest has stood the test of time and still stands in the same spot at the SE corner of Laurelton and the boardwalk.  Having had several names over the decades, I believe it may now be called Hoffman Manor.
Paddy's was a West End establishment that served a little of everything!  It was located on W. Beech St. between Florida St. and Connecticut Ave. and owned by Lee Aschettino, who at one time was a LB City Council Member.

Paddy's became Gary Owens.
The Penguin occupied a space in the old Park David Building near Edwards and Park.  The businesses ceased to exist after the Park David was destroyed by fire in 1965.
The exact location of this  is unknown to me.
Point View Inn, Pt Lookout.
Roy's was in Island Park
The Virginian was at the SW corner of Wisconsin and Beech. It later became the Sandbar.
Here's a classic:

The Place became Danny's Place (owned by the same guy who owned the West End Bowling Alley) and then became Chauncey's! 
(sorry about the poor quality, very faded)
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