Photo by Lisa and David Fisher
Long Beach New York
Old and New
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Photo courtesy of Lisa and David Fisher
I realized that I now have many recent photos taken from the same vantage points as a number of the old ones on the site, thanks to contributions by many of you!  And it was suggested I put up a page showing both views, old and new, side by here it is!

Things have changed a bit over the years!

On the left it's February 1943, on the right it's March 2002.  Both taken from the same spot on Beech St at Kentucky St. looking east.
left photo courtesy of Ed Steffen jr.
On the left it's 1918 and you're looking west down Beech St from New York Ave.  On the right it's spring 2002 looking from the same vantage point.
left photo courtesy of the LB Historical Society
circa 1940's
On the left it's sometime in the 1940's and the Ocean Crest Hotel. On the right is 2002 and I believe the building is now called the Hoffman Manor, though it went by many other names over the years.  It's at Laurelton Blvd at the boardwalk.
Nassau Hotel
"Hotel Nassau" 2002
Left, the Hotel Nassau at it appeared around 1910, on the right as it appears in 2002.  National Blvd and the Boardwalk.
The Nautilus Hotel Fire in Atlantic Beach, 1959, on the left.. on the right is the view of the new Nautilus in 2002. Notice the dome of the resturant on the left still is visible (barely) in the new photo.  You are coming across the Atlantic Beach Bridge in these photos.
The Nautilus Hotel, standing on the same piece of the Atlantic Beach boardwalk looking East, 43 years apart... left 1959, above right 2002.
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Ocean Crest
Ocean Crest (Hoffman Manor) 2002
Here's a couple more of the Ocean Crest (now Hoffman Manor) at Laurelton Blvd.  The left image is probably in the late 20's or early 30's, the right is 2002.
new photo by Vinny Rossi
NY Ave at Park Ave. 1915
Before (1915)
Park Avenue and New York Avenue looking East. Note the trolley tracks running along Park Avenue. The house on the corner still stands.
These before and after shots courtesy of Gordon Hemsley.

NY Ave at Park Ave. 2002
After (2002)
Park Avenue and New York Avenue looking East. Note the many new things along Park Avenue. The house on the corner still stands.
Old and New
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