Long Beach, New York
The West School Song !!
Thanks to Tom Brady for digging this one out !!
Here are the lyrics to "The West School Song". The song, both the melody and the lyrics, if I recall correctly, was composed by Mrs DeVanne. our music teacher, sometime during the '30's. The school principal at that time was Selma Raphael. The song is still sung at certain festive gatherings, by people who remember.

It would be delightful if it could be posted on the official West School page. West school was the only elementary school in Long Beach that had its own song,  and the school should be proud of the distinction.

                           West School Song

                Dear to our hearts this school will ever be,
                 A temple so dear though far we roam.
                A memory bright, like a shining light,
                Will lead us safely home through the night.

                 Happy the days so free from care,
                 Gay smiling faces everywhere.
                  Voices ring. Oh, joyously sing.
                  For you our Alma Mater.

                  May the years pass us by,
                  bringing no care or sorrow
                  Childhood days will ever be,
                  full of gladsome memory.

                   Dear West School we hold you,
                   Close to our hearts, so true.
                   School we love so dearly,
                   Hail ! to you.

Tom Brady

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