National Blvd circa 1915
Long Beach New York
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Nassau Hotel
Bathing at the Nassau Hotel, circa 1921.
The Lafayette Hotel
A nice color rendering of the Lafayette Hotel, which also went by several other names, SW corner of Jackson (Edwards) Blvd and Park St. circa 1920.
Hotel Franklin
The Hotel Franklin, circa 1929.
A beautiful colorized photo of the Alabama St. Firehouse in the West End, circa 1922. Notice the truck rolling out the door. (1922 American LaFrance)
Ok, so it's Point Lookout !! Still a nice old card !
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A Post Card of the Carlton Hotel, W. Broadway and Washington Blvd.  This in the early 1960's, by the looks of the car out front, probably around the time of the Grand Opening.
Sea Breeze Beach Club
The Sea Breeze Beach Club, West End at Trenton.  Later became Sun and Surf and then the Shore Club.  Burned to the ground in November of 1962  Postcard is probably around 1930.
Long Beach Official Patch
Lido Beach Hotel
Lido Golf Club 1937
The Lido Hotel
The Lido Golf and Cabana Club
circa 1935
These two postcard views are from the 1960's.
Matchbook from Paddy's
The Trouville, at the boardwalk and Long Beach Blvd. circa 1916
The Phoenix Baths and the Hotel Cecil. These stood on the boardwalk between Magnolia and national Blvds.
An early postcard image of the Point Lookout Life Saving crew with their surfboat.  circa 1900
From the collection of Kevin Brennan