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Long Beach New York
The Tower Baths Fire
The Tower Baths occupied the SE corner of National Blvd, between Broadway and the Boardwalk.  It sat on property that was first the site of the Long Beach Inn in the late 1800's.  After 1909 the tennis courts for the Hotel Nassau and the music pavillion were in that spot and later the Castle by the Sea Theater and the Castle Baths occupied the eastern side of the oceanfront lot.  Like the Castle Baths before it, the Tower Baths were destroyed in a tremendous blaze, early in 1965 from the best information I have.  Along with it went the arcades, Skee Ball and Shuffle Bowling, Izzy's Knishes, Kalin's Frozen Custard and Italian Ices, Keno and several other fun places. The King David Manor eventually occupied the site and it was eventually renovated into the Allegria Hotel which stands there today..

Thanks to Loren Meadowcroft for these photos.
Probably about 1940, looking east from National Blvd.
Izzy's Knihes
Skee Ball and Shuffle Bowling
View from Broadway
Nothing left.. the view from Broadway
All that was left when it was over.....
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Norton's Ice Cream (visible on the left, believed to formerly have been a Carvel)  There was a donut shop on the boardwalk that escaped the fire along with a couple of other types of refreshment such as a boardwalk ice cream place.  Thanks to Jimmy Holmes for that info.
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Tower Baths Fire
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Accounts from firemen who were there recall the boardwalk lifting briefly off its supports when the huge tower collapsed into the building.