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The Boardwalk in 1910
Long Beach, New York
Early 1900's
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Railroad track construction
Some of the work sheds which were used during the construction of the Railroad Tracks.  It apears this may be some trestle construction.
Beech St, Feb 1943
You're looking east down Beech Street from Kentucky St. in February of 1943 !!  Notice the street light on the right, and the other one down Beech St on the left.  One bulb has been removed and the ocean side of the other bulb blacked out. This was so U-Boats lurking offshore at night would have a harder time using the city lights to target shipping offshore !  The old Alabama Ave. fire tower is still visible in the distance.  Danny's Bowling Centre is on the left where the dark, rectangular sign is.
photo courtest of Ed Steffen Jr.
A parade for some occassion !!  Not much known about this photo.  Appears it might be the 30's by the looks of things.  Looks like Penn St. too.  If anyone has any input please email me !
photo courtesy of Ed Steffen Jr.
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Looking West fron NY Ave
Here's a nice early shot looking down Beech St to the west from the corner of New York Ave.  Many of these buildings survive to this day.  On the right, the 2 story white structure is Shine's Tavern.  This would have been between about 1922 and 1929 when the trolley tracks were down. The Alabama Ave firehouse tower is barely visible in the distance. notice the trolley tracks in the street.
courtesy of the LB Historical Society
West End ??
This is believed to be the home of a Rabbi who lived in the West End.
courtesy LB Historical Society
Women's Suffrage
From the days of the Women's Suffrage Movement.  A woman speaking to the crowd at the pavillion on the boardwalk near National Blvd. (yellow arrow points to her)
Surf Bath sign. 1937
War Memorial
This appears to be the dedication ceremony for the War Memorial in the center of town.  Or possibly just a Memorial Day celebration. Probably after WW-I sometime.  Anyone have any further info on this shot ??
courtesy of the LB Historical Society
War Memorial 1944
This is Ed Steffen Sr. next to the War Memorial in the center of town.  This was  the summer of 1944.  To his left the Public Library is visible.  The large building was the Park David Hotel.
photo courtesy of Ed Steffen Jr.
The Castle Baths
A nice shot of the Castle Baths around 1925 taken from the boardwalk... on the right is a shot taken from Broadway on the last day the Castle Baths stood in 1936.  Fire photo courtesy of Joe Miller Jr.
The destrucion of the Castle Baths
Reviewing Stand
Another great contribution from Ed Steffen Jr.  This is a parade on Park Ave, possibly  Memorial Day or some sort of war related tribute.. Many men in uniform are seen, and there seems to be some big brass in the reviewing stand.... the cars look to be late 1920's for the most part.  The trolley tracks behind the reviewing stand seem to disappear near the road, so it would have been after the trolley stopped running. If anyone has any other info on this one please email me !  Thanks again Ed !
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Early 1900's
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