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An early lifesaving crew, similiar to Long Beach's crew
Long Beach, New York
Early 1900's
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The Park David
The Park David Hotel, across from the train station near the SW corner of Park and Edwards Blvd (the Jackson Blvd).. eventually destroyed by fire.
The old Central (Magnolia Blvd) School.
photo courtesy of Robert Fleming
The Laurel Theatre
One of the few photos I've found of the Laurel Theatre.  Judging by the cars, probably in the late 30's.
photo courtesy of Robert Fleming
Fascination !!
An old Fascination Token from the boardwalk amusement area.
East School
East School, probably shortly after it opened.
photo courtesy of Robert Fleming
Beach circa 1920's
A crowded beach scene sometime in the 1920's near National Blvd.
Unknown Sailors
Four unknown sailors in LB during or after the war.
Boardwalk 1911
A nice shot of the Boardwalk just east of National Blvd. in 1911 showing the "roller carts", the bandstand on the left and the town offices on the right.
Capitol Resturant
The interior of the Capitol Resturant which was in the Minrose Bldg at Park Place and Park Ave.
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The Long Beach Hotel 1880-1907 from an old magic lantern slide, this shot circa 1890.  This great, all wood hotel was completely destroyed by fire while fully occupied on July 29, 1907 with no loss of life.  There was no fire department in Long Beach at the time.
The main dining room at the Long Beach Hotel, circa 1890
The East veranda at the Long Beach Hotel, circa 1890.
A fairly rare view of the lobby in the Long Beach Hotel, from a magic lantern slide, circa 1890.
Long Beach Hotel, circa 1890
Dining Room at the Long Beach Hotel
The East Veranda, circa 1890
The Lobby at the Long Beach Hotel
The Casino
An early shot of the Casino at Long Beach.  This was Long Beach Blvd and the boardwalk... built 1907-1908, reportedly using some of the bricks from the chimney of the Long Beach Hotel, which was destroyed by fire in July 1907.  This structure was also destroyed by fire prior to about 1920.
Broadway, 1911
Broadway 1911 looking East at National Blvd. with the Hotel Nassau on the far right of the photo.
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Early 1900's
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