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The Brighton
The Brighton Hotel, Lincoln and the Boardwalk.
LB Bridge
The Long Beach Bridge, probably in the 1930''s.
The Boardwalk in the 1930's. Interesting colorized photo taken in front of the Hotel Nassau, looking East.  The Castle Theater is the reddish building with the billboard sign on it in the distance.
The Brighton
Another view of the Brighton, this time from the boardwalk. This building was torn down and the Aqua Condos now stand here..
Post Office 1938
The Post Office, circa 1938.
The Trouville
The Trouville Turkish Dining Room and Restaurant.
You're looking West here from Long Beach Blvd On the Boardwalk in 1926.
Finnan's Resturant at Arizona Ave on Reynold's Channel, NE corner. This was right down the block from my bungalow. Caught my first fish ever on the dock there when I was a kid! It was first called the West End Club, later became Papa Aldos and burned down in the early 1980's. Pretty good food and fun to sit on the dock and eat dinner.
Greetings from Long Beach !!
One of your typical promotional postcards, probably the 1940's. Cool umbrellas!
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The Fuller Block
The Fuller Block.  Looking east from Riverside Blvd at the Long Beach Baths, the Dauville and the Trouville Restaurant.  Probably about 1935 as the boardwalk is concrete in this picture.
Tower Baths
The Tower Baths, year unknown.  These were on the east side of National Blvd and the boardwalk.

Courtesy of Bob Foster
Tower Baths
A similiar view of the Tower Baths and the Boardwalk at National Blvd.

Courtesy of Bob Foster
Lido Hotel
Standing at attention at the Lido Hotel during WWII when the hotel was used as a Naval Receiving Station.
WPA 1940
A poster from 1940 advertising an art exhibit sponsored by the Works Progress Administration.
Train Station
A colorized photo of the train station, circa 1930's.
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A group of LB Cheerleaders at the Lindell School. Year unknown.  Is this the High School or  Jr High?
Can anyone identify them?
The old foundation block that still stands near Riverside Blvd.  This was built during WWII and used to have a tower several stories high at one end.  It was used as a Fire Control Tower for the 16 inch guns at Ft Tilden (now Riss Park) which were located on the west side of the Rockaways.  Information gathered at this site was sent to Tilden to direct fire on any German ships/U-boats sighted on the coast.

Photo by Lowell Taubman
Fire Control Tower 1953
It is difficult to see, but where the arrow points to you can faintly see the Fire Control Tower which stood on the foundation block shown above.  This image was cropped from the cover of a 1953 LB Annual Report.
Supplied by Lowell Taubman
What the heck is this thing ???!!!!
I know, you think I'm crazy for putting this thing in here... what the hell is it you say .. That's what I want to know too !!  This unexplained oddity is a steel plate of some sort which is on the beach side of Broadway behind the foundation block near Riverside in the sidewalk.  Does ANYONE have any clue what this was/is.  It is obviously old.  Was it part of the Fire Control Complex, or older than that ?? Any clues would be appreciated.
photographed by Lowell Taubman
The boardwalk in the 1950's.
Old generic LB potcard
Aurora Cottages
A couple of postcards showing bungalows in Point Lookout.
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Long Beach Hotel
This is the Long Beach Hotel.  I put this in mainly for the note this person wrote, as the photo isn't that great.  The last sentence (continued on the back and not shown) reads "We spent the day at Long Beach today + it looks so bare without the hotel but the Inn isn't really bad."  The postmark is August 11, 1907, 13 days after the Long Beach Hotel burned to the ground. The Inn she refers to is the Long Beach Inn, which used to sit on the east side of what would be National Blvd and is pictured elsewhere on this site.
The four photos above span 55 years. The Promenade Hotel , formerly the Hotel Nassau.  The postcard on the upper left was from 1965.  The caption on the back reads "300 rooms each with private bath and shower, telephone, card room, TV - Theatre, nightly entertainment, coffee shop and dining room, ample parking".This is the only card I have when this building was called the Promenade.  Shortly after this, the stately hotel fell into squalor when it became a home for the marginally sane.  It has since been renovated into condos.  On the upper right is a photo of the what the scene looked liked in 1910, one year after this grand hotel opened, 1950's lower left, 1930's lower right.
Long Beach Bridge
A recent aerial postcard of the city.
Lido Golf Club
The President and the Ocean Crest
The Lido Golf Club, circa 1940.
On the left is the President Hotel, destroyed by fire 8/31/65, on the right is the Ocean Crest. The Ocean Crest changed names several times but is still standing to this day (2002) as the Hoffman Manor.  This view circa 1940's
The Long Beach Bridge
The Promenade, 1965
Hotel Nassau 1910
Hotel Nassau 1950's
Hotel Nassau, 1930's

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