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Thanks to Lionel Trains Horizontal Rules for this image of my 2037 Steamer !
This page was last updated on: February 5, 2012
Thanks to Lionel Horizonal Rules for this Graphic !!
Thanks to Lionel Trains Horizontal Rules for this image of my EP-5 !!  Click the train to go to their site !
Arlene's Fruit and Flower Stand
My wife loves those roadside fruit stands in the country, so why shouldn't she have one of her own !!   I made this little fruit stand using hobby wood from the craft store, then stained it.  The fruit was made using various colors of modelling clay (available at a craft store).  I also found some wooden barrels (craft store again) which I drilled out and filled with BB's painted red and green, they make nice apples !
Barclay People
We're in this for fun, rather than exact scale modelling, so we use people that may be of slightly different scale, but arrange them in different areas of the layout so as not to draw too much attention to the differences.  Here's our small collection of vintage lead Barclay people getting ready to cross the tracks.
I got a little flash glare on this one, but you can see the row of brownstone buildings by Buildings Unlimited in the rear behind the Vermont boxcar.  These are actually just fronts but add great depth to the layout.  The 3 story building in the right front behind the tree is also a full size Buildings Unlimited model.  I paint and detail all the models myself.  In the left front is a stream which runs under the Lionel 214 bridge and out the back ouf the layout.
Somebody must have called the cops as it looks like these rail workers are getting ready to settle their differences with sticks and pick axes !!  The RC-4 stands for Remote Control # 4.. I labelled all my switches and remote tracks like this, with corresponding labels on the control board.
Commercial Building
Here's another one of our commercial buildings along with some workers in the foreground.  On the right is an original Lionel 45N gateman.  He activates when the train on the outer loop exits or enters the tunnel.
The fisherman hiding in the weeds must not have read the No Fishing sign on the other side of the pond !  I wonder if anything is biting today ?
Gas Station
Sinclair Gas Station, remember the old dinosaur logos !! (there's one on the side of the building) I kit bashed and scratch built this building using pieces left over from other kits and some sheet brick from the hobby store.  The gas pumps I made using modelling clay, then baked and painted them. 
Every town needs a hardware store so I built this one and named it F.M. O'Rourkes, which was a great old time hardware store I worked in when I lived in Long Beach, NY.  It's almost an exact replica of the front of that store !
The guy on the right probably had a few too many beers at Charlie's Irish Pub as he's relieving himself on the fire hydrant.. much to the dismay of his dogs !!
New Haven
Passengers waiting for the EP-5 Mayflower to pull into New Haven Station.  The old looking billboards I found on the internet and resized them before printing them out, the red, white and blue mailbox I made from modelling clay.
Scarsdale Station
The Scarsdale, NY station.  Yes, I know, the New Haven line didn't stop in Scarsdale.. but it does now !!  I haven't finished the ground work or the buildings on this side of the layout yet, the painted foam board is still visible.
Another shot of Scarsdale.  The shipping crates you see I made myself by diagonally scoring cubes of wood (again, from the craft store ), then gluing fine strips of wood around all the edges.  After they dried I dipped them in different color stains.  Tha barrels are precut, bought at the craft store and stained, very cheap !
Tin Shed
Here's an easy project that looks pretty good.  A corrogated steel storage building.  I made this from finely corrogated cardboard, painted silver and glued over a block of styrofoam.  The pipes are silver painted drinking straws and cardboard tubes.  The barrels are either store bought or 1/2" wooden dowels I cut and painted.  Then I inserted a little piece of wire solder in the top for a spigot and put a small label on them.
Old Sloan Tavern
Old Sloan Tavern, a ceramic Currier and Ives piece, along with some domestic animals and workers.  All our cars are 1/48 scale.
Street view
Here's a partial view of our Main Street.
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That's all for now.. more to follow as the work continues !!  Thanks for stopping by !
Go ahead... toot the whistle, you know you want to !!
I just got a digital camera ! (11/13/03) So I'll be able to update the photos more often now !
I moved the workshed seen above inside the layout a little further and we've filled in the landscape around it a bit.  We also started covering the ground with snow, in keeping with our intent to make the left side of the layout a more wintery scene.
Here's our firetruck fueling up in the snow. The Gulf Oil Tank was made using the cap from a spray paint can and painted silver, some wood scraps hot glued to the underside for the support legs and a silver painted drinking straw for the pipe.  The Gulf emblem was grabbed from the internet, printed out and glued on with spray glue.
Here's a couple of more Barclay lead figures I just picked up. This old couple is braving the snow to sit together and enjoy a winter's day together.  These figures date to the 1930's or 40's.
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