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Thanks to Lionel Trains Horizontal Rules for this image of my 2037 Steamer !
This page was last updated on: February 5, 2012
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Thanks to Lionel Horizonal Rules for this Graphic !!
Thanks to Lionel Trains Horizontal Rules for this image of my EP-5 !!  Click the train to go to their site !
Go ahead... toot the whistle, you know you want to !!
Track Workers
Here's some of our track workers doing some repairs.  I used Adobe Photoshop to get the sepia effect on the photo, which gives it a nice vintage look. We handpainted all the workers.  The Hershey's Factory and another industrial building are visible in the background.
Here's a nice shot of one of the billboards I made.  I got the image by searching for vintage crate labels on the internet, there are thousands of them available.  Try to pick images which are of the same general time period as your layout represents. Just grab the image, resize it to what you need and print it out.  Make the billboard itself using wood scraps available at any hobby or craft store.  A little spray glue secures the printed image to the billboard forever !  You can also also use them on your building sides.
Another nice shot of the Lionel 45N gateman in the open position.  The workers you see are the same ones in the sepia photo above.
A track level view of the New Haven EP-5 Mayflower pulling into New Haven Station.  
A couple of antique Barclay lead skaters on the wintery side of the layout.. Is that Santa sneaking through the pine trees to their left ??!!!
The Lionel 2037 Steamer is stopped on the inside siding with smoke drifting from her stack.
Unfortunately I had to break the whole layout down in 2005 when I retired and moved to a smaller house.  Now it's all back in boxes again.  One day I may get to rebuild it all... or maybe the kids will when they inherit it one day !   At least I have the internet to remind me of how cool it was.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your own layouts !!
Here's one of my vintage lead Barclay skiers cruising down next to the tracks.
Another shot of Arlene's fruit stand, now selling Christmas trees and winter squash !
A couple of shots of the people hanging around near Scarsdale Station.
Lionel 254
My newest addition !!  A Lionel 254, circa 1926-1930.  My dad had one of these too, now I have it back.  The engine paint is original olive green.  The motor has been reworked and runs great.  The pantograph is a repro.  This one has the fairly rare, original red celluloid behind the air vents rather than painted hatches.  I'm going to strip the paint though and repaint it to match the passenger cars, which I believe are pea or apple green.  This engine does not have the E unit, you have to switch it to reverse, or would be signified a 254E on the emblem.
Lionel 254
Running on the outside 054 oval.
Lionel 254
A side shot of the 254 before being repainted.
The set has 2 of these Lionel 610 Pullmans.  They have been nicely restored.
The Lionel 612 Observation car brings up the rear of the set.
Another shot of the 612 Observation car.  Notice this one has a small scratch on the roof in front of the screw which will need repair.
Here's a shot of it after sandblasting and refinishing.
Here's another shot of the 254 Loco and one of the 610 cars after refinishing the loco.  The color match was almost perfect, if I didn't tell you you'd never know !  I completely disassembled it before the refinish and sandblasted it down to bare metal.
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